Should I Stay or Should I Go

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When Your Date Says Something Batshit Crazy


You put on makeup; you left the house; effort was definitely made. You may even have high expectations for this date. Things seem to be going well. The restaurant is nice. Your date isn’t a total schlub. You just finish ordering, and then it happens. Your date says something batshit crazy. All sense of normalcy is shattered. You want to hit the pause button and go back to that blissful sense of ignorance you had while perusing the menu, but there’s no going back. Now you’re faced with how much do you really want that taco you just ordered. Is it enough to ride out the wave of weirdness that’s about to ensue?

Throughout my “tours” of dating, there was always one common factor.  If things are going to get weird, it will happen right after you order food. Everything could seem normal, you could actually like the person, and then it happens. You don’t expect it. I’ve been asked such gems as “Have you ever been tied up, do you want to be?” and “How difficult would it be for you to get pregnant? I really want a baby soon.” This usually happens on a second date, but there are rare occasions when it will hit you on a first date. I’ve often pondered the logic behind it. Are people so eager to let their freak flags fly that they just put it all out there? Is it nerves and once that word vomit starts there’s no stopping it? Or could it be that we as a species can no longer effectively communicate?

Regardless of the reason, take this as a blessing in disguise. It’s happened. It’s out there now and you know. You won’t end up taking this weirdo to any family, friend or work gatherings. You won’t waste years of your life thinking this relationship will go somewhere.

Deciding on whether to stay or go really depends on the question. If it’s something truly freaky and you feel threatened, then flee. If it’s something more on the mediocre range of the bizarre spectrum, stay, have the weird discussion, enjoy that taco.

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