College Guy

Everyone is familiar with “College Guy”.  He loves college.  It’s his jam.  He doesn’t see anything prior or beyond it.  It’s his entire identity.  In his natural environment he can be fun, spontaneous, even briefly witty.  Once you remove him from campus life, he becomes “that guy”.  The one who is compelled to ask everyone […]

Empire Strikes Back

First Date Question

First dates can be amazing, magical experiences said no one ever.  The majority of the time they’re a little awkward with a chaser of weirdness.  It would be great if people came with warning labels, but unfortunately that’s not case.  There are some people who are able to mask their crazy until date #2 or […]

When Your Date Says Something Batshit Crazy

Should I Stay or Should I Go

  You put on makeup; you left the house; effort was definitely made. You may even have high expectations for this date. Things seem to be going well. The restaurant is nice. Your date isn’t a total schlub. You just finish ordering, and then it happens. Your date says something batshit crazy. All sense of […]

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